Tuesday, April 10, 2018

GREATER Living in St. Cloud

The City of St. Cloud has seen many changes over the last several years, but as the population continues to grow, it remains the kind and welcoming community it has been for decades.

The City has built a wider variety of cultural centers, restaurants, and so much more to accommodate new people from all walks of life. We cultivate a GREATER sense of community.

GREATER Activities

The feeling of community in St. Cloud is fostered primarily by the events and activities that bring people together. Whether it’s music, theater, art, sports, or recreation, you’ll find exactly what your looking for. visit aroundthecould.org for more.

Riverside Park is a hot spot year-round! During the winter months, you’ll find families sledding and playing in the snow or skating on neighborhood rinks. During the warmer months, you’ll see people playing frisbee golf, walking, having picnics, and generally enjoying the outdoors.

Downtown St. Cloud offers a thriving art, music, and theater scene. It hosts spring, summer, and fall art crawls every year – which are not to be missed! Also in the summer, you can take part in one of St. Cloud’s largest and most popular activities; Summertime by George. This is a free summer concert series accompanied by countless local food, drink, and art vendors and takes place each Wednesday night June through August at Lake George.

St. Cloud offers all of these activities and so much more for all age groups and interests.

GREATER Affordability

One of the reasons that St. Cloud is such a vibrant and diverse community is the affordability. The average cost of living here is far below that of the Twin Cities. In fact, the yearly cost of living here is 30% less than in the Twin Cities and St. Cloud was named a “Top 15 Metro Area You Can Afford A Home on $50,000 Income” by Nerdwallet.com.

GREATER living is simple in the St. Cloud community. Our calendar is full of activities, artists exhibitions, shows, and educational events. The affordability of the area makes this city-with-a-small-town-feel a fantastic place to live.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

There’s GREATER Shopping in Downtown St. Cloud

St. Cloud is a GREAT place to call home. Not only are there ample work opportunities and an affordable cost of living, but when it comes to play, there are hundreds of options right outside your door.

GREATER Shopping

Downtown St. Cloud features more than 60 retail shops – many of which are locally owned businesses. Whether you’re looking for a trendy local shop to browse unique children’s wear, a trusted place to find outdoor sports equipment, a relaxing atmosphere to unwind and get a GREAT new do, or even a generations-old local business that can help you build or remodel your home, you can find all this and more in Downtown St. Cloud. And did we mention the antique stores, game shops, and art galleries? There are tons of options! For a complete list, click here.

GREATER Eats and Treats

Not only does Downtown St. Cloud offer a wide array of shops, but it also boasts a huge variety of eating establishments – more than 55, just to give you an idea. Whether you’re in the mood for some Irish fare, something sweet, classic pizza, delicious Indian food, or simply burgers and beers,  you’ll find it all Downtown. For a full list of Downtown dining options, click here.

Beyond food and shopping, Downtown St. Cloud offers even more. Over 500 businesses and more than 70 historic buildings call Downtown St. Cloud home and they’re all within walking distance. Thanks to these wonderful businesses and many more, St. Cloud enjoys a healthy economy.

No matter what your interests, you’ll find something to love about St. Cloud, which is just one of many reasons that we think it’s a GREATER place to live!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

GREATER Education in the St. Cloud Area

The City of St. Cloud boasts eclectic and advanced education options for anyone looking to learn. From private and charter schools to homeschooling and one of the largest public districts in the state, there are plenty of options!


St. Cloud is home to Minnesota's second-largest public university with around 15,000 students enrolled each year. According to the City of St. Cloud's website, “SCSU is ranked as an 'American's Top College' by Forbes magazine based on student satisfaction, post-graduate success, student debt, graduation rate and academic success and ranked as a 'Money's Best College' by Money magazine based on quality of education, affordability and outcomes.”

The St. Cloud metropolitan area serves 35,000 students at many different schools. Our St. Cloud Technical and Community College educates many students looking for local careers in advanced manufacturing, applied engineering, and health services. In 2016, SCTCC was ranked #13 in the top 50 Best Value Community Colleges. This ranking is based off graduation and transfer rates, cost of attendance, and mid-level salaries among graduates.

GREATER Opportunities

A unique opportunity given to elementary students in school district 742 are the Chinese/Spanish immersion programs. One of the great opportunities high school students are offered at Cathedral, a private Catholic high school located downtown, is the chance to serve in Africa. Students can opt to take a two-week mission trip and volunteer their time and talents to help 3rd world countries in Africa.

Another opportunity for unique education in the St. Cloud area is the plethora of post secondary enrollment options (PSEO) classes offered at local high schools. Both Tech and Apollo high school allow upperclassmen to heavily enroll in PSEO college courses at SCSU to earn college credits and advance learning.

GREATER Resources

For those who take education into their own hands, our Great River Regional Library has been recently remodeled and offers numerous branches throughout the metropolitan area. Many homeschooling groups meet and resource the library as well as countless high school and college kids. Another helpful resource we have for education is the Stearns County History Museum. The accredited museums provides guided tours and has an extensive research department as well as online archives.

These touch on just a few of the schools, opportunities, and resources St. Cloud has that make it a GREATER place to learn.

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Affordability and Convenience of Living in St. Cloud

Why St. Cloud has.png

St. Cloud is not only a nice place to visit, but also a GREAT place to live. Many people choose to call St. Cloud home because it has the accommodations of a city and the neighborly familiarity of a small town community. It’s not just the people who choose to live here that believe it is a great place to settle down; statistics show that St. Cloud has many aspects and perks that attribute to GREATER living.

GREATER Affordability

1dianecrossleysouthside[1].jpgThe cost of living is more affordable in St. Cloud than towards the Twin Cities. When trying to buy a house, a homeowner can get a lot more bang for their buck in St. Cloud. You also don’t have to be making six figures to afford to buy a home. The St. Cloud housing market is not only reasonably priced but is also a continually growing market.
  • St. Cloud’s yearly cost of living is 30% less than in the Twin Cities. ($63,500 in St. Cloud versus $91,000 in the 7 County Metro area).
  • St. Cloud’s home values are more affordable than in the Twin Cities ($151,466 in St. Cloud versus $226,094 in Greater MSP).
  • In 2015, St. Cloud was named a “Top 15 Metro Areas You Can Afford a Home on $50,000 Income” by Nerdwallet.com.


GREATER Location

St. Cloud is also known for their location. Many different arts, entertainment sporting events and other city attractions are not only available locally but also only about an hour and a half drive away. St. Cloud is very centrally located which is a huge advantage to anyone who travels for work or leisure. St. Cloud is also a hub for Central Minnesota. Many people commute to St. Cloud not only for work but for shopping, movies and much more!

  • 32,866 commuters come into St. Cloud from the region to work every day.
  • Minneapolis, Fargo, and Chicago are all less than 500 miles away.
  • St. Cloud has an airport, rail lines, and highways connecting us to the region, country, and beyond.

St. Cloud is where you can get the best of both worlds for city and rural living. In St. Cloud, we pride ourselves on having something for everyone and being a safe and friendly place for families to work, live and raise children.

What is your favorite part about St. Cloud living?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Play GREATER: St. Cloud Area Activities

In St. Cloud, we pride ourselves on being a great place to live, work, and play. One of the best things about St. Cloud is the plethora of activities that are available, making us one of the best areas to play year-round. Let’s take a look at the best activities available in Central Minnesota.

St. Cloud Arts

If you’re looking for a creative outlet in St. Cloud, there is an assortment of options for any art junkie. From galleries, shows, live theater, music, poetry, outdoor concerts, classes, and lessons, there is something available for every artist.

In 2016, St. Cloud was named a “Top 20 Most Vibrant Arts Community in America” by the National Center for Arts Research. This was based on the total number of arts providers and total nonprofit arts dollars in the community, and the level of local, state and federal government support given to the arts.

There is a large call for the Arts in St. Cloud. In 2015 alone, over 77,000 tickets were sold for performances at the Paramount Theatre. Other events in St. Cloud that encourage art, creativity, and an emphasis on community gathering include:

Area Athletics

St. Cloud is also home to an array of sports and recreation outlets with activities for all ages and interests. A few of the most popular options include:

As much as St. Cloud enjoys the spring and summer activities, we also love winter sports. In 2016, St. Cloud was named the “8th Best Hockey Town in the Country" by SmartAsset.com based on fan intensity, quality of life, and average attendance at hockey games. We are also playing host to the 2018 Hockey Day Minnesota, which will take place on Lake George next January.

St. Cloud YMCA

No matter the time of year, the St. Cloud YMCA is always the perfect place to get active and have some fun. The new building on Stockinger Drive is now open, and if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, schedule some time! Racquetball courts, saunas, two heated pools, group exercise studios, and free wifi is just the beginning of the many amazing features the new facility has available for its members. You can schedule a tour or visit the website for more information.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, an indoor athlete, or a lover of the arts, there are tons of great activities to keep you occupied around the cloud!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Innovation is Thriving in St. Cloud!

Steve Jobs once said that innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Innovation and the city of St. Cloud go hand in hand. In our community, we strive to thrive and flourish, not stay stagnant. We are constantly moving toward a new goal to improve our community for businesses and citizens.

Let’s take the time to look at the some of the GREATER innovative things that are going on in St. Cloud.

ISELF at St. Cloud State University

IMG_4566.JPGSt. Cloud State University is always on the cutting edge of technology and research. SCSU is home to the Integrated Science and Engineering Laboratory Facility (ISELF). This facility aligns faculty and their students on partnered research projects that can help a company or business excel at driving its vision for innovation.

The focus of ISELF projects is to be interdisciplinary with all students and faculty. The focus is on small to mid-sized companies, especially ones that employ small research and development budgets. Some of the companies involved include Medtronic and The Mayo Clinic. Locally, Microbiologics, Geo-Comm, and C4 Welding are also involved in ISELF.

The building has also become a great recruiting tool for faculty and students that come to St. Cloud State University. Businesses that partner with SCSU benefit from a strong connection with students and the possibility of hiring top talent when they graduate.

Employment Through CMMA and DEED

Even more exciting for the future of St. Cloud is that more than a dozen Central Minnesota high schools are active members of the Central Minnesota Manufacturing Association. All of these high schools are located within a 60-mile radius of St. Cloud. This bodes well for future manufacturing business employees in the area.

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) also aids in strengthening the future of innovation in St. Cloud. Back in 2014, DEED granted $147,739 to the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership Program to SCSU to train 84 employees of Netgain – an IT provider for the healthcare industry. These employees improved their technical and leadership skills, advanced their careers, and kept the company competitive in the ever-changing healthcare industry.

2008 V.G. Pics 105 (2).jpg

Clean Energy in St. Cloud

Last year, St. Cloud received a very high honor from the Minnesota Department of Commerce when it was awarded a “Clean Energy Community Award.” This award is given to communities that increase energy efficiency or renewable energy opportunities and drive innovation to advance the state’s clean energy goals. The city’s renewable energy and efficiency initiative includes a solar power initiative, wastewater energy efficiency and biofuel project, street light improvements and an action plan with Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy.

These St. Cloud projects are making the community GREATER than ever! To learn more about community and business initiatives in St. Cloud, visit www.ci.stcloud.mn.us.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Awards and Recognition for the City of St. Cloud in 2016

The City of St. Cloud is GREATER for many reasons. We often boast that our community is a fantastic place to live, work, and play. In 2016, we were lucky enough to be awarded several prestigious achievements from several different organizations.
St. Cloud received the following list of livability recognitions and awards in 2016:

There you have it; from the best tasting drinking water to one of the best cities to work in for women, to the 8th best hockey city in the country, there are many reasons that St. Cloud is Greater year after year!